Interviewing my brother Hayden

1. If you could bring one mythical creature to life, what creature would it be, and why?

-Unicorn, because I like horses and they’re basically horses with a horn

2. If someone offered you the chance to be immortal, would you say yes, and why?

-Yes, because if you can’t get out of a serious situation (like if you were stuck inside a burning building), you will still be alive. But I’d only say yes when I’m an adult, because I don’t want to be stuck as a child

3. If you were stuck in a forest, and there were two paths (left or right), which path would you take?


4. If you could meet anyone (dead or alive, fictional or real), who would you pick and why?

-God, because he can give you anything. I would pick Santa next if I couldn’t meet God

5. If you could pick out of these three superpowers, which would you pick? You could pick:

a) invisibility

b) a superpower where you can take things out of magazines, TVs, etc, and make them real (for example, if you saw a really nice phone in a magazine, you could just reach in the magazine and take it)

c) flight

-B, because you could create copies of anything and have everything for free

6. If you got the choice, would you choose a teleporting power or 3,000 dollars, and why?

-Teleporting, because if you’re late to something, you can just teleport to the place, and you can teleport to other countries and have a free holiday.

7. Would you rather have hair for fingernails or fingernails for hair, and why?

-Fingernails for hair, because it would protect your head, like a helmet, and you wouldn’t get any hair lice


Special thanks to my brother Hayden for letting me interview him and let me waste his time! 🙂 (just kidding, it was very worthwhile)



Hey guys! Brianna here: part-time fangirl, dancer, pianist, some other stuff, and an all around amazing person! :)

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  1. Argh, the fingernails/hair question is so creepy! Haha, well done. This was a great read, Brianna. The mix of questions kept it interesting and made me laugh.

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