Deforestation vs animals


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Deforestation happens all around the world, which affects animals heavily. 70% of the world’s plants and animals live in forests, and there will be no home or food for any animals if humans keep chopping down trees.


Deforestation creates many problems for animals. For example, herbivorous animals starve when their forest is destroyed because their food source is gone, while carnivorous animals don’t have any animals to eat, which means that they starve to death as well


Deforestation also causes climate changes (because when trees are cut down they release greenhouse gases that they absorb, trees give shade to soil, and trees also help the water cycle by returning water vapour into the atmosphere), which affects animals in many ways. Animals are forced to move because:

-The amount of rainfall changes, which means that the area could flood or becomes dryer

-Their prey become extinct or move away to different areas because of the changing conditions, which means they will starve

-The temperature becomes warmer, which increases the number of droughts and forest fires

-Plants that they rely on for food cannot grow in the changing climate

Animals die because of these reasons, while other animals die because they move into human-populated areas


The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) are helping animals and forests, you can go to the WWF website here:   Another website you could go to is the Nature Conservancy website, you can go to it here:   They have information about animals and they also are protecting nature


Every second an area of a forest the size of a football field gets cut down. If humans keep going like this, there will be no trees or animals left.


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