Unlucky Day

4 leaf clover

Image from here. (Not sure why the 4-leaf-clover, because that symbolizes luck, when today I was unlucky.)

Okay before I start telling you guys how this was Unlucky Day, I’d like to say I’M SORRY I LIED!!! I FORGOT THAT I SAID ON THE GONE SILLY SENTENCES THAT THE NEXT POST WOULD BE DAUGHTER OF ARTEMIS PART 2!!! Next post will be Daughter of Artemis Part 2.

Anyway, today me and my friends all had an Unlucky Day today. Hooray.

At beginning of lunch Annabelle was sick and went home.

On the way to racquet sports, Jiya somehow stood on Zoë’s shoelaces, causing her to fall and hit her head on the concrete. No idea how Jiya stepped on Zoë’s shoelace, because they were tied up and everything

At this point I’m like to Jiya ‘Annabelle’s sick, Zoë hit her head, which one of us is going to be hurt next?’

The answer: I don’t really know

The reason that I don’t know is because Jiya’s didn’t happen all at once, it happened over time. Jiya tripped up 5 times today, and she got hit on the chin with something, I think. Maybe the squash ball? (Obviously, Jiya was doing squash today)

So, the way I got injured was when I was playing tennis. I jumped up to hit the ball, right? And I haven’t done tennis for a while, so I wasn’t that good. So I miss the ball, and it hits me right in my left eye (unfortunately, my eye just had to be open)! It didn’t hurt that much, it only hurt when I opened my eye. I kept playing the rest of the game we were playing (yay! My team won!), and then I say out, because I couldn’t see that well with one eye (I seriously can’t imagine being a Cyclops (a Cyclops is a one-eyed creature from Greek mythology)! Then again, a Cyclop’s eye is in the centre of their face, unlike me, because my eye was on the right, since I had my left eye shut. Comment if you actually understand what I mean).

All of us are fine now (excluding Annabelle) (well I think. I’m assuming Annabelle is still sick, and that Jiya and Zoë are feeling better). Worst accident to not-the-worst accident would probably be: Annabelle (sick), Zoë (hit head on concrete), me (tennis ball hit my eye), then Jiya (tripping up everywhere).

So, in all, me and my friends had a BAD BAD DAY!!!

Tomorrow will be better

Hopefully 🙂


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