End of netball season

Black WA netball bib

Image from here (sorry for the tiny picture, that’s the biggest I can make it). This is a picture of a Wing Attack bib (I play WA!). I also play Wing Defence, but I mainly play Wing Attack. All the positions in netball are: Goal Keep (GK), Goal Defence (GD) (my friend Annabelle plays GD!), Wing Defence (WD) (my friend Jiya plays WD), Centre (C), Wing Attack (WA) (I play this!), Goal Attack (GA), and Goal Shoot (GS).

Yesterday was the last game of netball, as the season is ending 🙁

My team, Kauri, was against K4, and we won!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 We had 12 games, and we won 8 of those games, which is great, because we only lost 4, and some of the games we lost were quite close.

I’m really sad that the netball season is ending, because netball is SO FUN! But I’m also happy that netball’s ending. Having an early start nearly every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday is quite tiring. I can sleep in now on Saturday! 🙂

I’m doing summer netball, which will be awesome, because I’ll still be doing netball, without having to get up early.

So what was the point of this post?

There was NO POINT

Thanks for reading anyway



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