For Week 2 of the Student Blogging Challenge I am doing Activity 4: visit 4 other people’s blogs and comment. I have to write a post about the blogs I visited, and my comment, and why I chose their blog, etc.

Chloe’s blog: I visited Chloe’s blog first. I commented on a post she wrote for the Week 2 Student Blogging Challenge. Chloe was writing about how to write quality comments. I chose Chloe’s blog because I saw her name on the Student Challenge website saying she’s done the Week 2 activity. Here‘s a link to Chloe’s blog. Here is the comment I left:

Hi Chloe,
Great job on this post! It covers the important things about blogging, I think this could help a lot of people with their commenting!
You can visit my blog if you want, the link is

Jiya’s blog: I visited Jiya’s blog next, and commented on the second chapter of her new fanfiction Jess Grace and the Lightning Thief. I chose Jiya’s blog because Jiya is my friend, I love Percy Jackson, and I was going to read on comment on her fanfiction anyways. A link to Jiya’s blog is here. Here’s the comment I left on Jiya’s blog (whoops, I was meant to write ‘Hi Jiya’ rather than ‘HI Jiya’):

HI Jiya,
Interesting start to Jess Grace and the Lightning Thief!
When does this story take place? Is this story written as if the Percy Jackson series had never happened?
I notice Jess’ last name is Grace, like Jason and Thalia’s. Are Jess and Thalia and Jason all related? If so, is Jess Jason’s twin or Thalia’s twin, or is Jess their sister, or is Jess cousins with Thalia and Jason?
I’m guessing Jess is related to Thalia and Jason, which makes Jess a daughter of Zeus? (Lol, like you)
I notice how Jess said ‘Is this where Barbie dolls go to die, it reeks or perfume’, which is nearly exactly what Piper said when she first entered the Aphrodite cabin? (It was Piper, right?)
Great job Jiya

Rachel’s blog: Next I went to check out Rachel’s blog. I commmented on the first challenge she did for the Student Blogging Challenge. I chose Rachel’s blog because I saw her name on the Student Challenge website saying she’d done the task. You can go see Rachel’s blog by clicking here. The comment I left about her avatar is here:

Hi Rachel,
Awesome avatar! It looks fantastic!
I love how much meaning you put behind it, like putting in your favourite colours, made your background red to represent your house colour, made yourself holding a paint pallet and paintbrush, etc.
I really like your blog Rachel, it’s really cool
Maybe you could check out my blog? The link to my blog is
Keep blogging,

Olivia’s blog: Finally, I went to Olivia’s blog. I commented on Chapter 6 Part 1 of a story Olivia’s been writing for a while, Saving Audrey. I chose Olivia’s blog because her writing is AWESOME, I found her blog when Olivia had posted Chapter 4, and I have been reading the story ever since. To go to Olivia’s blog, click here. The comment I left is here:

Hi Olivia,
Great chapter (even though is was a bit shorter than normal)!!!
I wonder what will happen with Juliette and Audrey, I hope they will become friends and help each other with their losses.
 Extremely excited to see Part 2, I love your writing! Will you keep writing stories after you finish Saving Audrey?

So I’m done! That’s this week’s challenge done!

Thanks for reading, goodbye!


Hey guys! Brianna here: part-time fangirl, dancer, pianist, some other stuff, and an all around amazing person! :)

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  1. G’day Brianna,
    Another great post. Well written in paragraphs and including a link to the posts where you left comments. Also great to see each comment was different and totally related to the post.

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