My blog audit

My blog audit is for the Student Blogging Challenge, which I kind of forgot to do for a couple of weeks :/ Whoops!

Anyway, I remembered about the Student Blogging Challenge just after the last challenge for the year had been posted. So, I’m doing an audit about my blog! (By the way: the challenge was meant to be reflecting from October onwards, but I’m just going to do the whole year, because I don’t want to go through my blog and count how many posts and comments and stuff I did from October through till now)

How many posts did I write? My immediate thought was: a lot. Instead of counting every single post on my blog (not including this post), I found this thing that told me how many posts I had done on this blog! And the number of posts I did this year was… drumroll… 120! That was a lot more than I ever thought I would do in a year!

How many posts were a) school based (100 word challenge counted as school based), b) my own interests, and c) set by the challenge? I’m 100% sure that I did way more B posts than A and C posts. I’m pretty sure I did more A posts than C… let’s find out!

The results – A posts (school based): 34. B posts (my own interests): 76. C posts (SBC challenges): 11

Um… that adds up to 121, not 120…

Well, I’m still right 🙂 I didn’t expect 75 posts of my own interests, though. I knew I had done quite a lot, but 76…

I did 34 school posts, which is also more than I thought I would do. 11 Student Blogging Challenge posts sounds about right, I guess

How many comments did I get? I’m not sure how accurate this is, because it might/might not be counting comments that haven’t been moderated yet (I don’t even know whether there are comments that haven’t been moderated yet), but the number that showed up was 176 – way more posts than I did! SO MANY COMMENTS!

Which post received the most comments and why? I’m not sure whether I’m counting my own comments, and I don’t really want to go through 120 (or 121 – whatever it is) posts, counting how many comments each post got, so I’m just guessing (but I’m pretty sure I’ve got it right).

The post with the most comments is most likely my Maze Runner post, about when I read the first book for the first time! (If you haven’t read it, GO TO THE NEAREST BOOKSTORE, BUY IT, AND READ IT! I’m telling you, I’m doing you a favour 🙂 Just kidding, if you don’t want to, don’t do it. But I strongly recommend it.) It had 6 comments on it (not including me), and it currently has 9 comments (including me). I’m not sure whether it counts if someone posted the exact same comment twice, but never mind. I’m still counting it (thanks Sasha for the extra comment!)

I think that post got quite a few comments was because a lot of people have read/watched the Maze Runner (or, at the very least, heard of it). Also, I mentioned a couple of times about how some people have told me that the Scorch Trials and the Death Cure isn’t quite as good as the Maze Runner, and some people commented about that. Plus, about half the people who commented on the Maze Runner post talked about the movies, so the fact that the book I was talking about was also a movie helped.

If you want to see my amazing Maze Runner post, click right here!

Which post did I enjoy writing the most and why? Are you kidding me?


How am I meant to freaking choose ONE post out of ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY (or ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY ONE. Whatever the heck it is)!?

I had so much fun writing ALL of my posts! (That’s sort of why I wrote them. Duh.)

Hm… well, the school posts weren’t that much fun compared to my own posts.

My favourites were definitely any posts that was tagged/categorized with ‘Books’! (If you go to the right of my blog, close-ish to the top, you’ll see a widget named ‘Tags’. If you click on ‘Books’, you can see all the posts I did that are related to books. Pretty much the same thing with ‘Categories’.)

Writing ‘Let the 70th Hunger Games begin!’ and half of ‘Daughter of Artemis’ was a ton of fun! So were the book quizzes and the Silly Sentences.

Yep, so now I have my Top 3 series that I loved writing. The fanfictions, the book quizzes, and the Silly Sentences.

Or: basically anything to do with books 🙂

(Just wondering – what post did you guys like best? Comment below please, and tell me what you think! 🙂 )

Did I change blog themes at all and why? Yes, I changed my blog theme once, all the way back in the beginning of May (the only reason I remembered it was in May was because I wrote a short post about it. You can check out that post if you click here).

I changed my blog theme because my old theme was getting removed, so I had to change the theme. And I changed it to the theme I’m currently using.

How many widgets do I have, and do I think this is too many/not enough? I went and counted up my widgets, and it turns out I have 18. This is probably a bit too many – I don’t want my blog to be really cluttered with stuff on the sidebar, but I like all my widgets, so they’re all staying right where they are 🙂

How many overseas students do you have on your blogroll? I only have one blogroll, and it’s my class blogroll, so the answer is none. I did write a post about some other blogs, and 2 of the people I wrote about were Nikita315 and Renee, who are overseas students (you can see the post I’m talking about here).

And, finally: Which web tools did I use to show creativity on my blog? Hm… I don’t know         ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Just kidding, I do know.

One of them is the custom glitter text widget (that I saw on my friend Jiya’s blog and decided to copy off her) that says ‘Bri’. It shows creativity because I decided what it was going to say, and how big it was, and what design, and stuff like that (I instantly thought of the Flight of the Conchords song, Feel Inside (and stuff like that), when I wrote ‘and stuff like that’. Because I like that song, I’ll put the song here, if you don’t know it.)

I got the glitter text widget off some website, and I would put the link here, but my computer isn’t letting me do it for some reason, so yeah. I think there’s a link to the glitter text widget underneath my glitter text (so if you go on the side, and scroll down until you see some big, sparkling red letters that spell ‘Bri’, then click on the thing underneath it, you can go to the website).

The other web tool that I used to show creativity on my blog was the BunnyHeroLab virtual pet. The wolf I got at the beginning of the year (good old times…), Dawn, shows creativity, because I chose the name of my wolf, and I chose the colour of Dawn, and everything

So I’m done!

The Student Blogging Challenge has really helped me with my first year of blogging! It’s so much fun, and it helped me write quality comments, and quality posts (doing things like asking questions at the end of a post), and stuff like that! (Open up the lids, helpa helpa helpa the kids!!!)



Hey guys! Brianna here: part-time fangirl, dancer, pianist, some other stuff, and an all around amazing person! :)

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  1. Wow Brianna,
    What a fantastic audit!

    Next year, when the next set of challenges begin in March, if you would like to register as a mentor and look after a small group of students, that would be great. You have so much you could be teaching them about writing posts and commenting. But if school work takes up a lot of your time, then don’t feel pressured to be a mentor.

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