First Student Blogging Challenge of the year! (Part 1)

So this post is about the Student Blogging Challenge!

I forgot to say this, but: I’M A MENTOR FOR THE CHALLENGE! I’M SO EXCITED!

And I’m pretty sure I’m mentoring Riana from my class!

So anyways: Onto the actual challenge part!

There are two activities for this week, and I’m gonna do both. First one: Create an avatar and write a post about it. The second one: Write an About Me post.

I’ve already done an About Me page, and I did an alphabet About Me post last year, so I’m not sure what I should do now…

I’ll think on that.

So: I’ll do the avatar post first!

I actually just happened to change my profile picture on the day this week’s challenge was posted, so that was pretty easy. Here it is:

image (3)

I made the ‘Brianna’ bit with an app called ‘Font Candy’. It’s free, and it’s really good, so you should get it! I use it quite a lot.

As for the fire: it isn’t a random image (you aren’t meant to use pictures without saying where you got it from. That’s why I always say ‘Image from here’ whenever I post a picture on my blog). I took the picture – it was a couple days after Guy Fawkes last year. My neighbours and I wanted to make a fire, so we tried on Guy Fawkes, but it didn’t work. We tried the next night, and it didn’t work. Then on the next night, we got a roll of toilet paper, and burnt that, and boom – you get a massive fire. Only problem: when the toilet paper burnt, it kind of shrivels up into tiny flames and blows around everywhere. It’s hard to explain, but basically little bits of toilet paper that were on fire was flying everywhere, and it flew into the bush. Luckily, the bush didn’t catch fire, because we had a bucket of water next to the fire to be safe, and we picked up the bucket and dumped it on the bush and the fire

So that’s my little story behind my fire picture.

ONTO THE NEXT PART: The About Me thing!

I wrote this out, but it’s too long to combine both activites, so this is Part 1 of this week’s challenge.

Thanks for reading!



Hey guys! Brianna here: part-time fangirl, dancer, pianist, some other stuff, and an all around amazing person! :)

2 thoughts on “First Student Blogging Challenge of the year! (Part 1)

  1. G’day Brianna,
    Thanks for being a mentor this year. So far you are the only student mentor. I love your explanation about your avatar and the fact that it is a picture you took rather than getting one off the net.

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