If there was no electricty in New Zealand

Another Student Blogging Challenge! I’m doing Activity 6 – If the electricity grid went out in my country

I have to answer two questions, and just for fun, I’m going to write a random short story about no electricity in New Zealand

What would change in your lifestyle? EVERYTHING. Seriously, can you imagine NO ELECTRICITY? You wouldn’t be able to use anything – you wouldn’t even be able to turn on the light

How would you relax? It wouldn’t change too much, I guess. Sure, I go on the computer and my phone a lot, but I also spend a lot of time reading (which obviously doesn’t require electricity), and playing outside with my neighbours (which also obviously doesn’t require electricity)

And now for the story!


A random short story about if there was no electricity in New Zealand, by Brianna

Olivia stared in horror at her copmuter screen, which was black. She knew her computer wasn’t suddenly going to work – the electricity was out for good in New Zealand, where Olivia lived! She knew it was stupid to sit in front of her blank computer doing nothing, but Olivia couldn’t believe that the electricity was out. How was she meant write out her Greek mythology essay, that was due tomorrow?!  Her teacher, Mr Connant, wasn’t very strict, but that wouldn’t matter, because the essay was going to be marked by one of the meanest reliever teachers – Ms Irnest!

Olivia turned away from the computer, and looked down at her paper. It was headed ‘Greek mythology, by Olivia Reddelle’. She had written nothing underneath her title.

She sighed. She’d grown so used to searching up all her schoolwork on the Internet, but she’d never properly appreciated it. Not until now, when Olivia couldn’t do her work by using Google to solve her problems.

What could she do? Olivia didn’t want to, but she had to. Groaning loudly, Olivia got her schoolbag, and grabbed her immensely boring Greek mythology book.

Olivia sat down on the chair that was in front of her computer-that-did-not-work, and began to read. She tried to focus, but it was so boring! Olivia wanted to write down exactly what the Greek mythology book said, and pretend that it was her own writing, but she knew Ms Irnest would know Olivia had just copied the book.

It had barely been 10 minutes when Olivia closed her book and slammed it onto the table. The book didn’t make sense! Olivia looked at the computer once more. Why did the electricity have to go out today?




Hey guys! Brianna here: part-time fangirl, dancer, pianist, some other stuff, and an all around amazing person! :)

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