Camp! Room 22 and Room 23 (my class) went to the South Island! We stayed in Nelson, from Monday 10 October to Friday 14, in the Rotoiti Lodge, a super nice place that was very close to Lake Rotoiti

The cabins
I was in Cabin D with Annabelle, Jiya, Sophie, and Izzy N. The cabins were really nice! I had a lot of fun sharing the cabin with my friends, what with all the talking, dancing, and sleeptalking *cough* Annabelle *cough*

Low ropes
Low ropes was when you had to make your way across the obstacles with your team. All the challenges involved a lot teamwork, especially when people were blindfolded! My favourite part was the rope ladder, where one person climbed up a rope ladder, while everyone else held a net to catch them. I managed to honk the horn at the top of the ladder!

Flying Kiwi
I had no idea what flying kiwi was, but when I got there, I couldn’t wait to get on! Being lifted into the air by your team while swinging around is like nothing else, it’s so much fun! I loved the view of the lake and the trees. Flying kiwi was the best!

I quite liked the honeydew walk, because I got to try honeydew for the first time, and it was quite short. Whiskey Falls was pretty long, and unfortunately it was raining when I went, which meant that it was very muddy and wet. I still had fun talking to my friends though, and Whiskey Falls was pretty cool

Animal survivor
My second favourite part of camp! Animal survivor is basically the Hunger Games, except you don’t kill people, and you have different ranks, and you can only eat the ranks below you. I was a herbivore, which meant I couldn’t eat anyone, but everyone except fellow herbivores could eat me. Running around in the bush with my classmates was so much fun, and I managed not to lose any lives 🙂

I loved camp. The beautiful, peaceful scenery, the super-awesome activities, the great memories, everything. Camp was the BEST.

Diwali homework

Image result for fireworks diwali


 Diwali is the festival of lights that is celebrated in India. It is a major Hindu celebration that signifies light overpowering dark. It is a time to get together with family and enjoy the good things in life

 Garlands of jasmine that are used to decorate their houses are sold from the flower markets. The garlands of jasmine are sold by dawn, so you have to get there very early!

 Outside their door, people will pour coloured sand on the ground, making the shape of a lotus blossom, which is a sign of welcome

 Diwali is also about sharing. People often visit their neighbours to deliver them delicious food            

 New outfits (like saris) are often bought for Diwali

 Colourful light displays are put up, and, like in the Diwali legend, when Rama returns after his victory, fireworks are set off

Key notes:


Festival of light


Light over dark



Coloured sand

Lotus blossom – welcome


New outfits

Enjoy good things in life



Diwali literacy

15 facts about Diwali

  1. The word Diwali means rows of lighted lamps
  2. Diwali is celebrated by cleaning their house, wearing new clothes, exchanging gifts, preparing festive meals, decorating buildings with lights, and massive firework displays
  3. In the Diwali legend of Rama and Sita, Rama returned home after 14 years of exile
  4. Diwali is a Hindu festival
  5. Diwali lasts for 5 days
  6. Diwali is the most important holiday for India
  7. The 4th day of Diwali is the Hindu New Year
  8. People light lots of small oil lamps called diyas, like in the legend, when Rama returns
  9. The more lamps people light, the more likely it is for Lakshmi (the goddess of wealth and good fortune) to visit them
  10. Doors and windows are left open, so Lakshmi can find her way into people’s houses
  11. Lotus blossoms are drawn on the ground outside houses in coloured sand, as a symbol of welcome
  12. The festival can be called Diwali, Divali, Deepavali, and the Festival of Lights
  13. Diwali falls in either October or November
  14. Diwali begins on the 14th day of the dark half of the Hindu month Asvina (All Hindu months are divided into a light half, when the moon waxes, and a dark half, when the moon wanes)
  15. Diwali is celebrated by around 900 million people around the worldImage result for diwali lotus blossom
The Diwali legend of Rama and Sita
This legend is about a prince named Rama. The king wanted Rama to become king, but one of his three wives wanted her own son to become king, so she asked for her son to become king, and for Rama to be sent into the forest for 14 years. The king was very sad, but he had promised his wife she could have anything she wanted, so he sent Rama away. His wife Sita and his brother Lakshman decided to accompany Rama into the forest.

For many years, they lived in the forest happily, until one day, Rama and Lakshman were tricked and lead away from Sita. While Sita was alone, an old man came by, and asked Sita for a drink. The old man was really the evil, ten headed Ravana, who wanted to capture Sita and make her his wife. Ravana captured Sita to his castle on a remote island.

When Rama found out that Sita had been taken, he set out to rescue her. Rama needed help, so he went to the monkey Hanuman. Hanuman was pleased to help, and he found the island where Sita was. He told Rama where she was, and then Rama and Hanuman’s army went to fight Ravana and his army.

They fought for a long time, until Ravana was finally defeated by Rama. Rama reunited with Sita, and since the 14 years had passed, they returned home. The people in the kingdom lit small lamps to light the way for Rama and Sita, and when they returned home, they were made king and queen

All about Georgia!

Welcome to Georgia, a beautiful country that has as its capital, Tbilisi, an old city of winding streets, parks and churches.

Georgia is a small country next Russia, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan, that has about the same population as New Zealand. Here’s some reasons why you should visit Georgia!


Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia. It’s well known for it’s diverse architecture, mazelike, cobblestone streets, and the iconic statue of Mother of Georgia (also known as Kartlis Deda), which can be seen from all over Tbilisi

The city has seen some ... interesting architectural developments lately. It is always changing.


The beautiful scenery of Kakheti consists of mountains, churches, and the landscape itself. Kakheti is best known as one of the oldest wine regions in the world

Back to the countryside. This is Kakheti, all mountains and churches and beautiful views.


The second largest city in Georgia, Batumi is a waterfront promenade with lots of parks and beaches

Thanks for reading!


We Bake It, You Take It

Kids from the years 3, 4, 7, and 8 from Karori Normal School were not in class on Friday the 5th of August. Why? They were buying jelly, sherbet, waffles, and more at the massive Room 22 and 23 refugee bake sale!

Loads of planning, effort, and of course baking, was involved. The kids in Room 22 and 23 had to plan out the ingredients needed, figure out the exact cost of all the ingredients, and then make the food, which was a lot of work. Even with all the planning, some groups still had to make last minute changes.

“We were going to make cake pops, but the balls wouldn’t go on the sticks, so we sold just the balls, and they all sold out” explained Jiya Raj of Room 23

When the big day of the bake sale arrived, all the stalls went crazy on decorations. Enormous posters, colorful banners, and more were all over Room 22 and 23. Kids from all over the school were wandering through both rooms from 11:45 to 1, buying food.

“The jelly was the most popular from our stall – they all sold out” said Emily Geenty of Room 23. Jiya Raj and Aaron Jordan of Room 23 both agreed that the spiders were definitely the food that sold best from their stall, The Cookie Jar.

Once it hit 1pm, the refugee bake sale finally ended. As all the decorations, tables, and food was packed, the money was counted. Emily (from We Bake It, You Take It) and Aaron (from The Cookie Jar) both said that their stall had raised about $60, and when We Bake It, You Take It, and The Cookie Jar combined, they raised $126.60. Altogether, Room 22 and 23 raised an astounding $1060.80!

In the end, everyone was really happy with the result.

“We went pretty good! At first, we didn’t have many customers, but then more people came later on” said Hannah Park of Room 23.

“It was very well organised, there was a huge amount of enthusiasm and energetic kids. There was a good variety of food. Everyone was working as a team, and everything was connected to learning” summarised Ms Peetz, Deputy Principal.

Everyone was very impressed with the grand total, and Room 22 and 23 were both jubilant at their major success

100 word challenge number 15

All I could hear my heart pounding wildly. Boom. Boom. Boom. Everything sounded muted – the wild cheers of the crowd, the sound of everyone’s feet against the racing track… I could only focus on running as fast as I could. I was on fire! I was as fast as lightning! But there was a competitor catching up to me…  I could see the finish line, then suddenly I was falling through the ground! I screamed, but not a sound escaped from me. Everything went dark…

Then I woke up in my bed. It was today. My race for the Olympics.



Georgian Flag

Above is the flag of Georgia, also know as the Five Cross flag

The main colours of the flag are white and red, because red is considered the national colour of Georgia, and the white symbolises hope and peace.

The main cross in the middle is the St. George Cross, because St George is the patron saint of Georgia. The smaller crosses in the corners are based of fthe Jerusalem Cross. All five crosses are thought to have represented the five Holy Wounds of Jesus

Fun facts about Georgia

  1. There are roughly 4.4 million people in Georgia – about the same population as New Zealand!
  2. So far, Georgia is coming 51st in the Olympics, with 1 silver medal and 1 bronze medal
  3. The capital of Georgia is Tbilisi
  4. Georgian, Russian, Armenian, and Azeri are spoken in Georgia
  5. Georgia is next Russia, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan


Eragon and Eldest


Eragon image from here, Eldest image from here  

Roughly 2 weeks ago, I started reading the Inheritance series by Christopher Paolini. I finished reading Eragon about a week ago, and I just finished Eldest literally just now. I really wanted to do a book review, because the series is SO GOOD!!! (And also because I’m really bored)

If you haven’t read either of the books, go read them, then come back here 🙂 (yeah, don’t read this unless you want spoilers)

If you have read Eragon but not Eldest, don’t worry, I’m doing both reviews seperately

If you have read Eldest but not Eragon, I have one question for you: WHAT ARE THOSE!? Okay, I’m kidding. The question is: Why would you read the second book but not the first???




A summary of the book by me?


My favourite part?

When Eragon and Murtagh are in Gil’ead, and Eragon is getting beaten by Durza the Shade, and Saphira comes and saves them

My favourite character?

That’s a hard one. Probably Saphira, because she’s a freaking dragon. I like Eragon, Arya, and Murtagh as well

My least favourite character?

That’s really hard to say. Galbatorix was the one behind the Fall of the Riders, and Morzan was as well. I really hate the Twins though, and I don’t think they should be trusted at all

My reaction when Garrow died?


My reaction when Brom died?

CALLED IT! But that was so sad…

My reaction when Murtagh reveals he’s the son of Morzan?

I knew he’d have someone evil as his father… but ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!

My reaction when Brom reveals that he was a Rider and that his dragon was named Saphira?






A summary of the book by me?


My favourite part?

I don’t really have one

My favourite character?

I don’t have a favourite, but my favourite 5 characters are Eragon, Saphira, Arya, Roran, Nasuada

My least favourite character?


How do I feel about Eragon liking Arya?

I wanted them to be together ever since they met! Stop friend zoning Eragon, Arya!!! (It is kinda funny, though)

My reaction when Eragon finds out he cursed Elva rather than blessing her?

*Slow clap* WELL DONE ERAGON *endless sarcasm*

My reaction when Ajihad died?

That’s so sad! The battle was over, then he got killed? I wonder who’s gonna lead the Varden now…

My reaction when the Twins vanished?


My reaction when Murtagh vanished?


My reaction when Oromis and Glaedr came into the story?


My reaction when Eragon is fighting the anonymous Rider?

Is that Galbatorix? No, it can’t be, this is only the second book out of four… yeah, Galbatorix has a black dragon, not a red dragon… who is it? Wait… Eragon knows him… I never thought Murtagh died… wait… NOOOOO!!!!!!!

My reaction when Murtagh turns out to be the opposing Rider fighting Eragon?



My reaction when Murtagh tells Eragon they’re brothers, and his father is Morzan?

WHAT THEY’RE BROTHERS? WHAT!? I thought Eragon would have someone evil as his father… but Morzan!?!? Just WHAT!?!



9 and 3/4. Yes, I rate it the same as Harry Potter


Thanks for reading!

Julian Dennison


Who is this?

This is Julian Dennison. He’s an actor, and has been in 3 movies: Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Paper Planes, and Shopping

Where is he from?

He lives in Naenae, Lower Hutt, and attends Hutt International Boys’ School in Upper Hutt

How old is he?

Julian is 13 years old, and is in Year 9

Why is he on posters and in NZ media this month?

He’s on posters and iu the media because he’s promoting Maori Language Week


Image from here

Matariki is the name for the star cluster that marks the Maori New year. It is also known as the Pleiades, or the Seven Sisters, and is part of the constellation Taurus. Matariki can be seen at the end of May, or the beginning of June

Matariki can be translated as ‘Tiny eyes’ (Mata Riki), or ‘Eyes of God’ (Mata Ariki). According to Maori myths, when Ranginui (the sky father) and Papatuanuku (the earth mother) were separated by their children, Tawhirimatea (the god of the elements and the wind) became really mad, and tore his eyes out, and threw them into the sky, creating Matariki

Matariki is celebrated with feasts, singing, dancing, and flying kites


Image from here

Above is the constellation Orion. In Maori, it is called Tautoru. The Maori name for Rigel (the brightest star) is puanga. Some Maori tribes thought that Tautoru marked the Maori New Year, not Matariki.