Harry Potter Silly Sentence Post 2

Wow, I haven’t done a post in ages. Sorry :/ I kinda have a lot going on

Anyway, I decided to do a Silly Sentence for Harry Potter, again! Make sure that you comment your silly sentence!

If you don’t know how to do the Silly Sentence, click here for an example I did the first time I did a Silly Sentence post. If you do, go ahead!

Oh, and I did it slightly different from how I did the other Silly Sentences post.

I ________ (birth month) _______ (birth day)

Jan: am related to
February: am best friends with
March: saved the world with
April: Am the sidekick of
May: Punched
June: am the boss of
July: saved the life of
August: rule the world with
September: gave money to
October: got attacked by
November: work for
December: cast a spell at

1. Luna Lovegood
2. Harry Potter
3. Dobby
4. Hermione Granger
5. Professor Snape
6. Ginny Weasley
7. Professor McGonagall
8. Dudley Dursley
9. Tonks
10. Neville Longbottom
11. Draco Malfoy
12. Albus Dumbledore
13. Professor Quirrel
14. Ron Weasley
15. Tom Riddle
16. Aunt Marge
17. Lily Potter
18. Remus Lupin
19. Cedric Diggory
20. Lord Voldemort
21. Professor Umbridge
22. Sirius Black
23. Cho Chang
24. Fred Weasley
25. James Potter
26. Percy Weasley
27. Wormtail
28. Mad Eye Moody
29. Bellatrix Lestrange
30. George Weasley
31. Fleur Delacour

My brother Hayden, and my best friends Jiya and Zoë have pretty funny ones. Comment your silly sentence below!

(Next post will either be Daughter of Artemis, my review on the Scorch Trials and the Death Cure (I read those ages ago), or a Student Blogging Challenge task) (I know the comments you guys have all been leaving on my blog haven’t been published yet :/ I get an email whenever someone comments on my blog, so I can see all the things you guys have all been saying, even though they haven’t been published on my blog. Thanks for all the support!)


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Gone silly sentences

Time for my fourth silly sentences post! Today’s silly sentence post will be Gone style, so if you haven’t read Gone, either go away, or read the series, then come back. (Preferably the latter, because you get to read a great book series, and I get people coming to my blog. Everybody wins!)

Anyway, if you haven’t seen my other silly sentences posts and have no idea what this is, don’t worry! Click here for a link to my first silly sentences post, Percy Jackson silly sentences, for an example (oh, and while you’re at it, why don’t you go do the Percy Jackson silly sentences as well? Actually, it would be amazing if you could do all 4 of them 😉 ).

Spoilers if you haven’t read the entire Gone series (duh. Should think that’s a bit obvious, as this entire post is all about Gone, but whatever).

Go fill in the blanks, and please please PLEASE comment and tell me what your silly sentence is!

I _____ [First letter of your first name] _____ [Day of birth] with a/an _____ [Favourite colour] because _____ [What day it is currently]

First letter of your first name gap:

A-D: Kidnapped

E-H: Paid

I-L: Helped

M-P: Hit

Q-U: Killed

W-Z: Knocked out


Day of birth gap:

1: Penny the Illusion Icky-Person (I made that up, but seriously, Penny is an icky-person)

2: Dekka Talent the Gravity Girl (okay I just made up that nickname, but seriously, Dekka should go by ‘Gravity Girl’. It’s an awesome name)

3: Gaia (would her last name be Soren or Temple? She’s Caine’s daughter, and he goes by Soren, but his real last name is Temple, so what?)

4: Patrick (Lana’s dog)

5: Brianna the Breeze/Swift Girl (see, Brianna is the best, she has two nicknames! But in the end Brianna is ‘gone’. That was a terrible play on words and an insult to her memory. It’s so sad that BRIANNA, THE BEST CHARACTER, HAD TO DIE!!!!!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 )

6: Astrid Ellison the Genius (in my opinion, Astrid was the best character, but then she quickly became all weird and stupid. Also then Brianna came along and got the ‘Best character in da house’ award)

7: Drake Merwin the Whip Hand

8: Connie Temple (Sam’s mother) (Oh right, also Caine’s mother)

9: Diana the Power-Sensor Person (again, I made that up)

10: Lana Arwen-Larzar the Healer

11: Caine Soren the Telekinetic…Tyrant (hey that actually works! I’m a genius at nicknames)

12: Orsay the Dream Girl (I made that up)

13: Gaiaphage the Darkness

14: Sam Temple the Bright Hands

15: Nerezza the Dream Girl’s assistant (I’m getting bored of writing this, but I made up that nickname as well)

16: Jill the Siren

17: Taylor the Teleporter (I’m guessing that you are getting tired of reading the words ‘I made that up’. Yes, I did make it up)

18: Zil the Human Crew leader

19: Edilio

20: Cigar the Guy-Who-Clawed-His-Eyes-Out-Because-Of-Stupid-Penny-The-Illusion-Icky-Person-And-Then-Got-Eaten-Alive-By-Creepy-Massive-Faceless-Black-Carnivorous-Worms-Called-Zekes (Cigar had it tough in the FAYZ. Sad, everything was normal for him when he worked as one of Quinn’s fishermen but then he accidently killed someone in self-defence, I think. Anyway, I made up the nickname)

21: Quinn the Fisherman

22: Duck Zhang the Floating-Dude (I made up that)

23: E.Z the First-Human-Bait-For-Zekes (sad…he was innocent. Oh yeah, I made up the nickname)

24: Brittney the Undead-Soldier (cool title… but I made it up)

25: Alex the Only-Adult-In-The-FAYZ-Who-Died-Shortly-After (his name was Alex, right? Anyway, I made up the title)

26: Orc the Stone-Man (Iron Man, Stone Man, there should be a Gold Man or something. I made up the nickname. I think I’ve said that like 300 times)

27: Howard the Stone-Man’s-Bestie ( I made that up. I think you figured that out already)

28: Computer Jack

29, 30, and 31: Peter Ellison the Boy-Who-Is-Normally-Known-As-Little-Pete-And-Is-Autistic (You guessed it. I made up the title)


Favourite colour gap:

Red: Crowbar

Orange: Baseball bat (the first thing I thought when I wrote down ‘baseball bat’ was ‘Peanut butter jelly, peanut butter jelly, peanut butter jelly with a baseball bat’ from the Peanut Butter Jelly Time song)

Yellow: Knife

Green: Rope

Blue: Pistol

Purple: Large stick

Pink: Water

Black: Book with teleporting cat stuck inside it

White: Food

Other: Stick with broken glass stuck to it


What day it is currently gap:

Mon: I felt like it

Tues: Otherwise Caine would have killed me

Wed: Penny persuaded me by giving me a candy-illusion

Thu: I thought it was the right thing to do

Fri: Gaia tricked me into doing it

Sat: I wanted to save my friends

Sun: I thought it would be funny


Please comment and tell me your silly sentence! I’ll give you a smiley face if you comment the silliest sentence! Oh, and next post will be another Daughter of Artemis post. It’s been a bit slow, because I don’t know what should happen next, plus I’m terrible at rhyming, and I need to do rhyming for prophecies.


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The Hunger Games silly sentences

So, if you’ve seen my Percy Jackson and Harry Potter silly sentences already, you’ll know what this is and how to do it. If you haven’t, click here for an example. Make sure to comment your silly sentence!

I _____ [First letter of your first name] _____ [Favourite number between 1-20] with a/an _____ [Favourite colour] because _____ [What term it is currently]

First letter of your first name gap:

A-D: Kidnapped

E-H: Paid

I-L: Helped

M-P: Hit

Q-U: Knocked out

V-Z: Killed


Favourite number between 1-20:

1: Rue

2: Cato

3: Coin

4: Plutarch Heavensbee

5: Katniss Everdeen

6: Finnick Odair

7: Thresh

8: Johanna Mason

9: Clove

10: Gale Hawthorne

11: Primrose Everdeen

12: President Snow

13: Annie Cresta

14: Haymitch Abernathy

15: Effie Trinket

16: Foxface

17: Cinna

18: Mags

19: Caesar Flickerman

20: Peeta Mellark


Favourite colour gap:

Red: Slingshot

Orange: Bow and arrow

Yellow: Spear

Green: Knife

Blue: A mockingjay pin

Purple: Sword

Pink: Poisonous nightlock berries

Other: Sharp rock


What term it is currently:

Term 1: I was in the Hunger Games

Term 2: I wanted to

Term 3: I was forced to

Term 4: I thought it would be funny

Holidays: I was tricked

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Harry Potter silly sentences

So I’ve already done a post like this, the Percy Jackson silly sentences. Click here for an example of how this works. Remember to comment your silly sentence

I _____ [First letter of your first name] _____ [Day of birth] with a/an/the/my _____ [Favourite colour] because _____ [What day it is currently]

First letter of your first name gap:

A-E: Hit

F-I: Paid

J-N: Knocked out

O-U: Kidnapped

V-Z: Knocked out


Day of birth gap:

1: Albus Dumbledore

2: Hermione Granger

3: Severus Snape

4: Voldemort

5: Lily Potter

6: Minerva McGonagall

7: Sirius Black

8: Petunia Dursley

9: Harry Potter

10: Bellatrix Lestrange

11: Fred/George Weasley

12: Nymphadora Tonks

13: Peter Pettigrew

14: Molly Weasley

15: James Potter

16: Ron Weasley

17: Tom Riddle

18: Pomona Sprout

19: Bill Weasley

20: Charlie Weasley

21: Rowena Ravenclaw

22: Filius Flitwick

23: Lord Voldemort

24: Rita Skeeter

25:Percy Weasley

26: Godric Gryffindor

27: Fleur Delacour

28: Salazer Slytherin

29: Cho Chang

30: Horace Slughorn

31: Helga Hufflepuff


Favourite colour gap:

Red: Elder Wand

Orange: Sneakoscope

Yellow: Invisibility Cloak

Green: Quibbler copy

Blue: Wand

Purple: Resurrection Stone

Pink: Magical rope

White: Daily Prophet copy

Black: Horcrux

Other: Quick Quotes Quill


What day it is currently gap:

Monday: I wanted to

Tuesday: I was Confunded

Wednesday: I predicted it in Divination

Thursday: Someone dared me to

Friday: I thought that it would be funny

Saturday: I was Imperiused

Sunday: There was a prophecy in the Department of Mysteries about it


Please comment and tell me your silly sentence!

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Percy Jackson silly sentences

Fill in the gaps with the key below and comment on what your sentence is! In the next paragraphs is an example, so if you don’t get it read the paragraphs below

So for the first gap (first letter of your first name), say my name was Hannah. ‘Hannah’ begins with ‘H’, so I would go to the key below and find ‘H’. ‘H’ equals ‘Paid’ so at the moment the sentence is ‘I paid’

The next gap is ‘Day of birth’. Say I was born on 19 December, so I would go to the number 19. 19 equals ‘Athena’/’Minerva’, so now the sentence is ‘I paid Athena/Minerva’.

For the third gap it is ‘favourite colour’. Pretend my favourite colour is green, so I would go find green, which equals ‘rope’. Now the sentence is ‘I paid Athena/Minerva with a rope’.

Finally, the last gap is ‘What day it is currently’. Say  I saw this on Thursday, so I would go find Thursday, which equals ‘otherwise my quest would have failed’. My sentence is complete. It is now ‘I paid Athena/Minerva with a rope because otherwise my quest would have failed’.

Now you go try! (Make sure you comment and tell me your silly sentence)

I _____ [First letter of your first name] _____ [Day of birth] with a/an _____ [Favourite colour] because _____ [What day it is currently]

First letter of your first name gap:

A-D: Kidnapped

E-H: Paid

I-L: Helped

M-P: Hit

Q-U: Knocked out

W-Z: Cursed


Day of birth gap:

1: Kronos/Saturn

2: Hazel Levesque

3: Calypso

4: Leo Valdez

5: Gaia

6: Annabeth Chase

7: Poseidon/Neptune

8: Grover Underwood

9: Hephasteus/Vulcan

10: Clarisse La Rue

11: Hera/Juno

12: Percy Jackson

13: Aphrodite/Venus

14: Jason Grace

15: Ares/Mars

16: Frank Zhang

17: Chiron

18: Piper Mclean

19: Athena/Minerva

20: Nico di Angelo

21: Hades/Pluto

22: Reyna

23: Zeus/Jupiter

24: Gleeson Hedge

25: Hestia/Vesta

26: Artemis/Diana

27: Apollo

28: Iris

29: Nemisis

30: Octavian

31: Dionysus


Favourite colour gap:

Red: Drachma

Orange: Sword

Yellow: Knife

Green: Rope

Blue: Pistol

Purple: Bow

Pink: A prank

Black: A trap

White: A trick

Other: Cursed diamond


What day it is currently gap:

Mon: I felt like it

Tues: Piper charm spoke me into it

Wed: The Oracle told me

Thu: Otherwise my quest would have failed

Fri: I was forced to

Sat: I wanted to save my friends

Sun: I thought it would be funny


Don’t forget to comment your silly sentence!

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